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Enterpol applications are designed to operate seamlessly with a multitude of interfaces to streamline your daily operations. Huber & Associates also specializes in the custom development of your existing applications.

CAD Interfaces

E911 Interface

Specifically designed for each agency’s enhanced 911 ANI/ALI data to automatically create a call in Enterpol from the ANI/ALI data

State Gateway (NCIC)

Empowers dispatchers to search for NCIC information from directly within the Enterpol CAD application. Dispatchers may select some or all of the information and choose whether or not they would like to associate the information to their CAD occurrence (ultimately populating RMS). This interface can save dispatchers approximately 4 minutes per call.

Protocol Applications

The protocol interface automates the flow of data between the pre-hospital Police, Fire, and EMS modules and Enterpol CAD. All protocol information and results are tracked in CAD History.


Features quick access to agency and incident location displayed on a map.

Mobile CAD

The Mobile CAD interface is wireless dispatching and allows dispatchers and units to communicate electronically. The State Gateway is integrated in the mobile client empowering officers to search for NCIC information from directly within the Mobile CAD application.

RMS Interfaces

Court Interfaces

Interface between Enterpol RMS to your court application passing ticket, warrant and disposition information.

Crime Mapping

The Enterpol RMS Crime Mapping application provides location and statistical intelligence featuring easy customizable reports against years of your agency’s RMS data.

KLER (Kansas Law Enforcement Reporting)

Interface between Enterpol RMS and the Kansas Highway Patrol KLER (Kansas Law Enforcement Reports) application allows the KIBRS forms to be the forefront of each RMS report. Information entered into KLER populates matching RMS fields.

Ticket Writer

Data entered into the Ticket Writer application flows into the Enterpol RMS application reducing data entry for patrol.

JMS Interfaces

VINES – Victim Notification System

Interface between Enterpol JMS and the Victim Information and Notification Everyday System alerts victims when prisoner is released.

Livescan Digital Fingerprint System

Interface between Enterpol Jail Management System to your Livescan Digital Fingerprint System introduces the ability to exchange data through a seamless integration eliminating the hassles of duplicate data entry.

Commissary Application

Jails who outsource their inmate commissary may interface Enterpol JMS with the outsourced vendor’s commissary &/or Trust Fund application.


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