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The Most Affordable Technology Solution for Public Safety

Solution for Public Safety

Enterpol solutions include the tools needed to let your officers get out in the public and focus on protecting!

Computer Aided Dispatching

Real life situations require precise software that accommodates the challenges of every call you take. Easy-to-use, intuitive technology.

Records management System

The heart of our Enterpol Solution, allows your agency to track all aspects associated with a case in a simple, straightforward fashion.

Jail Management System

Enterpol JMS, part of Enterpol Solutions for Public Safety, is a complete jail management package that tracks all inmate activity.


by Huber and Associates

Heads of small and medium-sized law enforcement and public safety agencies have long complained that most Records Management, Dispatch, & Jail software is aimed at larger agencies, and is often much too expensive and complicated to even consider deploying. With the Enterpol Solutions for Public Safety, Huber & Associates, Inc. hopes to remedy this situation. Enterpol is an integrated suite of applications with unparalleled device synchronization features.

Solutions You Need

We believe that every law enforcement agency should have access to affordable and less complicated solutions.


Full CAD system that ….


RMS system that ….


JMS system that ….


Mobile CAD …


Integration with …


The most Affordable Technology Solution for Public Safety.


Our software solutions are for all agencies.

“Putting data in the hands of the officers on the street via laptops and the ability to mine data quickly is a huge asset in providing services to the public. Coupled with the ability of Service and Support to quickly respond to issues or needs, makes the Enterpol Software Suite a world class solution.”

LT. Robert Hahn

Technology Administrator
Finney County Sheriffs Office
Garden City, KS

“Customer service is always the backbone of any business.  I have found that customer service from Huber has always been performed in a very professional and satisfactory manner.  We are most appreciative for the personal attention that is received by this office when a problem arises.  With that being said, it should be mentioned that our problems are very limited as the product performs in a flawless manner most all of the time.”

Sheriff Bob Holder

Dunklin County Sheriff’s Office
Kennett, Missouri


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