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Jail Management

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Are you shackled by the time and effort it takes to manage your Jail? Let the Enterpol Jail Management System (JMS) set you free! Enterpol Jail Management System (JMS), part of Enterpol Public Safety Solutions, is a complete jail management software package that tracks all inmate activity, from inmates’ arrival at your facility until their release. Enterpol Jail Management System (JMS) is designed to be used in any jail no matter the size. Enterpol Jail Management System (JMS) tracks everything you need. Inmate records can be cloned, so you never have to re-enter information already in your system. The Enterpol Central Names application allows for cloning across all Enterpol programs within your agency AND from other agency’s data across the Enterpol community saving a great deal of time. Historical records remain intact when an inmate is booked into the system again. Booking record details, including scanned or digital mug shot images, are automatically imported into the incarceration record.

Key Enterpol Jail Management System Features

  • Inmate Information
  • Booking Information
  • Live Camera Booking Photo Integration
  • Cell Tracking
  • Trust Fund Accounting
  • Full Commissary and Outsourced Commissary Interfaces
  • Housing Invoices for Outside Agencies
  • Multiple Views & Reports
  • Document and Photo Attachments
  • Court Docket and Court Calendar
  • Wrist Bands
  • In Jail Incident and Activity Tracking
  • Image and Electronic Data Integration
  • Unparalleled Full-Text Search
  • Medical Co-Pay
  • Discipline Log
  • Meds Distribution
  • Meal Distribution
  • Cell Movement
  • Visitors Log
  • Phone Log
  • Jailers Log
  • Integration with Live Scan Fingerprint System

Plus MUCH more. Please contact us for Literature on all Enterpol Jail Management System (JMS) features.


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