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Records Management

Statewide Data Sharing

Enterpol Records Management System (RMS), the heart of our Enterpol Public Safety Solutions, allows your agency to track all aspects associated with a case in a simple, straightforward fashion. It captures information on people, vehicles, property, photos, and other pertinent case information. The feature-rich Enterpol Records Management System (RMS) is deliberately built to mirror the natural process of the investigation while ensuring important steps in the process are not missed. (We know public safety personnel are not computer programmers, and you don’t have to be to use Enterpol RMS effectively!)

Key Enterpol Records Management System Features:

  • Reporting Compliant for UCR, NIBRS, BIA, CLERY, and state-specific requirements

Enterpol meets the requirements for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), National Incident Based Reporting (NIBRS), Beaureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and University (CLERY) reporting with state-specific reporting specifications. NIBRS electronic data submission also available for select states.

  • State-wide Data Share (SDS)

Person, Property, Warrant and Inmate data from all participating Enterpol agencies flows into a central repository for inquiry and cloning use by all other participating Enterpol Agencies.

  • Inter-Agency Data Sharing

Enterpol allows agencies to share their Records Management and Jail Management data with each other directly. The agency can select from differing access levels, ranging from Read ONLY to Author as well as which specific agencies they want to share data with directly.

  • Integrated Email and Calendar

Enterpol RMS was built on a feature-rich platform encompassing collaborative tools such as email and calendaring. Entire cases and reports can be emailed from directly within the application. The calendar can reside on the Records Management System (RMS) Welcome page and can contain officer schedules, community events, training events or court dates.

  • Photo, Document, Video, Audio – Digital File Case Association

Everything digital can become part of your case, whether it’s a scanned handwritten statement, crime scene photos, or the actual 911 call. If the object is in any type of electronic format you can include it as part of your case.

There are no boundaries in the integrated operations of Enterpol Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS) and Jail Management System (JMS) applications.

  • All Fields Are Searchable (People, Vehicles, etc)

Enterpol public safety applications feature an unparalleled search tool that not only gives you hits on the data keyed into your records, Enterpol searches will also allow you to search within documents (Word, Excel, PDF etc.) and provide you with results of your search query. This full-text search capability provides agencies a powerful investigative tool at their fingertips.

  • Mobile Records Management (MRMS)

Enterpol allows agencies to take their RMS into the field with or without an internet connection. An internet connection keeps MRMS synced with the Enterpol server in real time. No internet? No problem…any changes made in the field will be synced once a connection is available. Enterpol MRMS provides all the functionality and access in the field that you have in the office.

Additional Public Safety Features:

  • Full Mobile Functionality
  • Action Items
  • BOLO Flagged Persons
  • Citations & Warnings
  • Civil Process
  • Custom Form
  • Electronic Bulletin Board (customizable to contain agency calendar)
  • Evidence Tracking and Continuity with Bar Coding
  • House Check
  • Pet Registration
  • Photo Lineup
  • Registered Offenders
  • Warrants and Flagged Warrant Alerts

Plus MUCH more. Please contact us for a full list of all of the Enterpol Records Management System (RMS) Public Safety Software Features.



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