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Enterpol Support

Our industry leading support is one of our strongest selling points!

Enterpol Support

At Huber & Associates our goal is to provide Extreme, “Always On” Customer Service. To provide this outstanding customer service, we channel all calls, emails and portal requests through our Help Desk as Service Tickets. These tickets are prioritized based upon the severity of the issue (agencies that have down systems always receive top priority) and promptly assigned to appropriate specialists to address the requests as quickly as possible

Enterpol Support Contract Features

Included at no Additional Charge during Business Hours, 8am to 5pm CST Monday – Friday

  • Support of issues related to Enterpol software
  • Enhancements to meet required State and Federally-mandated reporting requirements
  • Powerful Query & Report Writing utilities
  • Online submission and tracking of support requests
  • New updates and releases of Enterpol software
  • IBM Notes & Domino Server support
  • Assistance in making minor modifications specific to the Agency, and guidance in determining the most cost-effective way to make

Agency-specific Customizations

  • Distribution of time-saving tips to all Enterpol customers
  • Post-installation data integrity audits
  • Compliance with CJIS guidelines for all Enterpol staff, including signing and abiding by the terms of the FBI CJIS Security Addendum
  • Application and data replication to Huber & Associates’ secure servers in Jefferson City, Missouri, allowing for enhanced remote support of servers. Please note, that although Enterpol staff have been able to assist several clients with the recovery of Enterpol RMS and Jail records after a hardware failure or natural disaster by using the replications, these replications do NOT replace the need for backup and recovery procedures. Complete backup and recovery procedures are the responsibility of the agency
  • After-hours Emergency Support Included at no Additional Charge
  • Emergency Enterpol related, critical issues that prohibit users from accessing the Enterpol applications
  • After-hours emergency answering service on nights, holidays, & weekends

Available at Additional Charge

  • Support for non-Enterpol issues
  • On-site customized services and/or training by Huber & Associates’ Certified Specialists. Please call for details and pricing
  • Computer infrastructure, networking, and end user support also available through a Huber Advantage IT Managed Service agreement. Please call for details and pricing